Mekong lotus Co., Ltd is one of the leaders in processing and trading aqua products. Besides investing in manufacturing, we follow "Our sourcing model", in which, each factory specializes in processing the most competitive products under the control of our experts.


We pay attention to training high quality employees in order to they can support factories processing and quality control. At present, we have set up a close business relation with most of processers in the Central and South Vietnam. Thus, we can meet all your demand whole round year with high quality products and good services


Our factories are more naturally favoured than other packers in Vietnam thanks to their location in the central of material sources such as Vung Tau, Can Tho, An Giang, Ca Mau... Thus, we can collect and delivery raw materials to our factories with a shortest time. At factories, raw materials are processed and comtroled strictly by our experienced technicians and QC experts trained in Vietnam and abroad. All these favourable conditions have been a very strong base for our development.



                                     FUNCTION: - Processing and trading aqua products.


                                                     - Logistics service


                                COMMITMENT: - Supply the best products and services.


                                                                       - Always satisfy customer's demand


                                                                      - Improve non-stop the quality of products and services


                                                   MISSION:  - Maximize the added value to customer.


                                                     TARGET:  - Processing and trading aqua products


                                                                       - Logistics service.